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ultimate prize is reserved for the overall winners of each challenge, who will be awarded the desired
Australian National team kit!

Challenge 1 Ready to crush the 2000m team rowing record? Assemble a crew of up to 8 rowers and see if you can beat the world's best time. Strategize how to split the distance and pull together for a record-breaking performance!

Men's World Record: 5:35.8

Women's World Record: 6:21.1

Challenge 2  Get ready to show off your power and speed in the Peak Watts Challenge. Try to generate the highest watts possible in just 10 strokes on the rowing machine. Can you claim the top spot and become the ultimate power rower? 

Challenge 3 Maintaining a steady pace and technique on the rowing machine can be a real challenge, but in the Consistency Challenge, that's exactly what you'll be aiming for. Try to maintain the same split on the screen for as many strokes as possible, and see how long you can last. It's a true test of your focus, discipline, and technique, and a great way to challenge yourself to new heights.